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The vision behind our project is to present you with a series of images that serve to portray Indigenous women and their pride in being Native. Represented in the photos are Mexica, Wirrarika, Cherokee, Tlingit and Arawak women, standing strong as living history and representing for contemporary Indigenous women throughout the Americas.

Other images of altars, feathers, sacred objects, the tipi, temazkal (sweat lodge) and sacred spaces are included to provide you with a glimpse of how we continue Native practices to maintain our culture and traditional way of life. Nine of the women included in these images are Mexica dancers, also referred to as Danzantes from various Kalpullis (family groups) in New York City and Mexico.  These Kalpullis include, Cetiliztli Nauhcampa Quetzalcoatl in Ixachilan, Atl Tlachinolli, Huehuetlahtolli and Danza Azteca de Tecacmac.

Through these series of images we hope that you will be inspired to learn more about contemporary Indigenous women and the roles they play in supporting their communities as, spiritual leader, scholars, teachers, artists, entrepreneurs, musicians, community activists, doulas, healers and ceremonial women.

Images in this project were created by, Sol Aramendi.  Sol is a New York based Argentinean artist working in photography and installation. She has merged her artistic work with Social Practice. She is the founder of the Project Luz Photography Program for New Immigrants, wherein photography is utilized as a tool of empowerment.